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Farm and ranch properties are diverse; each with unique physical and economic attributes. Factors driving today’s market are not easily quantified and successfully navigating a complex market requires an in-depth analysis and the ability to reference an extensive database that is supported with GIS capabilities.

Norman C. Wheeler and Associates is devoted to working in the rural landscape, where the market is continually evolving and characterized by limited market data that is often not public knowledge.

Our team of professionally Accredited appraisers have decades of experience. Staying abreast of ancillary market influences in ever-changing economic conditions requires a broad professional network. With over six decades of providing services to the Montana real estate industry, Norman C. Wheeler and Associates has the tradition and reputation of providing a high-quality product. We maintain a solid network of real estate professionals throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain states. These long-standing relationships have allowed Norman C. Wheeler and Associates to collect and analyze data that is not readily available. Such data is integral to the completion of a credible appraisal.


Our appraisals cover a wide array of properties and projects. It includes:


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